5 toys to Make Out of Recyclable Items

Making toys out of recyclable items is a great way to create awareness for young children about preserving and protecting our environment. Not only are toys made out of recyclable safe to use but also cost-effective. Promoting recycled art amongst young children helps them conserve natural resources like paper, wood and glass. Allowing young children to participate in recyclable art activities enables them to appreciate and value ordinary items that create a great impact on our environment. Here are some interesting toys that can be easily made out of recyclable items and will help children to understand the importance of protecting the planet.


Image source: flickr.com

Tin Can Telephone

An age-old toy that uses recyclable cans and a string that serves as an engaging activity for young children. Simply puncture a ting hole in the end of an already used tin can, attach a string and connect it with another tin can. Your young ones will be engaged in endless entertainment that doesn’t cost a lot.


An Igloo Made Out Of Empty Milk Jugs

This might look like a time-consuming but when you include the kids it will turn to an enjoyable activity in no time. Collect as many empty milk jugs as you can, tell your young ones to ask friends and neighbours to save their cartons and give them to you and help speed up the process. Use an eco-friendly glue to attach them together once you have collected your desired number of jugs.


Blow Balloons Using An Empty Plastic Bottle

Looking to add some science to your ingenious recyclable art activities? Then look no further because this idea is simply fabulous and worth giving a try. Simply add some vinegar to the empty bottle and some baking soda to the balloon. Attach the balloon to the top of the bottle and watch as the balloon blows up through this creative science experiment. As the baking soda in the balloon comes in contact with the vinegar in the bottle, a chemical reaction takes place which helps to inflate the balloon. Always practice necessary safety guidelines before conducting such activities.


Create a Shoebox Guitar

Awaken the rock star in your young child by custom building a shoebox guitar which will help him show off his guitar skills to his friends at day care. All you need is an empty shoebox, a paper towel tube, popsicle stick and some rubber bands and you are all set to make a customised shoebox guitar for your little one. Simply cut out a whole in the middle of box and one at the top. Attach the paper towel tube and glue two popsicle sticks on the top side and one on the shoebox. Add the rubber bands to the box, all aligned in the middle of the hole created on the shoebox.


Make Some Maracas With Empty Kitchen Paper Rolls

These colourful and creative maracas are great homemade instruments which your little ones can enjoy while jamming to a beat. Simply add some rice crisps to the empty kitchen paper rolls and wrap them in vibrant wrapping sheets.


Get Creative

Getting creative and messy is something most children will enjoy so make a day out of it and invite playmates around to join in the fun. You can even hold a mini competition where each child brings three objects to transform and prizes are given at the end of the day for the most creative toys.

Written by Carly Garrett

Image Credits: FormerWMDriver