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Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Queen's Platinum Jubilee
The whole nursery took great pride in celebrating the Platinum Jubilee.  The staff teams in all the rooms dressed up to celebrate the event- our manager Dawn was well supported as the Queen with a range of corgis and swans!!!  The nursery was decorating with bunting and images of the Queen and the royal family

Full moons children have been researching information on the Queen's life over the last 70 years such as looking at the globe to spot all the different countries she has visited and have enjoyed singing along to the National Anthem.
Mini Moons children really enjoyed marching outside in the garden like the soldiers they had observed in a range of media and the Baby Moons liked a range of red, white and blue sensory experiences. 

There was a massive tea party that parents were invited to which included a buffet organised by our cook Carl and some lovely jubilee themed experiences for the children and their families to enjoy.  There was also gifts galore with each child receiving a commemorative medal and flags to wave at their own celebrations at home.

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